ReExecute for CEOs

As a CEO, you are responsible for delivering financial results – turnover, profit and/or corporate value. In order for that to happen, you need to execute your strategy – you need to do this well and you need to achieve your goals within the stipulated time period.

ReExecute helps you to gain a clear overview of the key priority for your strategy (MIG) and it fosters engagement throughout the organisation. You increase focus on what is most important and time is freed up as a result of everyone understanding this key priority.

ReExecute Dashboard provides you with a quick snapshot to show whether you are “winning or losing”. It also helps you to identify potential risks within the organisation that may cause you to miss targets. By visualizing progress towards the most important goals (MIGs), and ensuring that all teams and employees commit to proactive activities on their most important activities, you can feel confident that the strategy is really being executed.

Our customers are significantly more proactive, they have a higher level of engagement and they are more skilled at making business priorities in comparison to most other companies. It really makes a difference. It leads to financial results. Indeed all of our customers can prove this by comparing their results to before they started using ReExecute.

ReExecute for LEADERs

Leaders need to understand their company strategy and their most important goals (MIGs), and they must also foster engagement for these within their teams.

ReExecute helps you to anchor strategies and goals within the organisation by showing employees what’s in it for them and how they can contribute.

The activities (AKPIs) show what team members can do on a weekly basis and what leads to progress towards the company’s most important goals (MIGs). This fosters a proactive organisation with reflective behaviors, thereby reducing stress and promoting a prioritization of tasks.

You can monitor your progress on a weekly basis.  Structure is created by a culture of commitments and accomplishments. This structure helps you ensure that your team members understand both “the WHAT” and “the WHY”, and that they themselves can take ownership of your most important goals.

At the same time, digital visualization helps leaders give answers to managers. Progress is readily available to your team, and there is no need to produce numerous manual reports or compile information from different sources.

ReExecute for TEAM MEMBERs

Team members wanting  to contribute to a company’s strategy, tend to have a lot of questions about HOW to do so. In turn, the information provided is not always clear.

ReExecute provides the answers to the questions by helping CEOs and leaders explain their company strategy, and show HOW and WHAT tasks really impact the most important goals (MIGs).

By using ReExecute, you will understand how you can contribute, and what you can do more or less of in particular. The activities (AKPIs) help you to focus on what you can do on a weekly basis and identify what leads to progress towards the company’s most important goals (MIGs). You will become more proactive and will be given help in prioritizing your work which leads to stress reduction.

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