Digital Goal Steering

Digital goal steering creates focus, transparency and a shared vision throughout the organisation – which also helps to increase commitment among employees.

The biggest advantage of digital goal steering is the clarity that is achieved with respect to the company’s strategic initiatives. The initiatives are broken down into proactive activities that each team needs to prioritize each week in order to achieve specific goals.

Once you have decided on WHAT you want to achieve, ReExecute will really help you get it done!


A strategic initiative is part of the company’s wider strategy. It is often chosen by the CEO as something for the whole company to focus on. It can be a tough challenge or a unique opportunity.

Strategic initiatives are prioritized based on their potential. You should focus on no more than one or two at first, instead of trying too many at the same time.

“There will always be more good ideas than there is capacity to realize them.”

It is all about focusing on fewer things in order to get more done.

It is therefore crucial to agree on what really is most important. Further, it is often better to truly succeed with the 1-2 most important tasks, rather than almost succeeding with several tasks. In most strategies, most value is created within a few really important areas.

Research shows that there is a contradiction between the number of targets set and the number that are reached. The more goals that are defined, the lower the chance of reaching them.

In short, focus and prioritization is crucial for success!



Successful teams stand out from the rest by performing the most important activities in order to reach their most important goal(s). Generally speaking, the challenge is not figuring out what to do, but actually doing it.

Therefore, you should choose a few activities that are closely linked to the most important goal(s). These activities are called Acceleration KPIs (AKPIs).

Once identified, proactively make commitments on these KPIs* within your team in order to ensure they are prioritized. This is the most important action that you as a team can do in order to succeed with your Most Important Goals (MIGs).

*KPI = Key Performance Indicator


In order to know if something has accelerated, you need both current and historic data. Therefore, it is important not only to define a goal, but also to know how well it has been achieved in the past. Acceleration = improvement versus past outcome.

For example: Historically, I have booked two client meetings per week. Now, I book three client meetings per week. I therefore have a 50% acceleration.


The Acceleration Meeting is the engine in the proactive way of working where the team members commit to certain activities during the coming week. The meeting breaks down major goals in incremental progress, allowing participants to anticipate potential challenges and coordinate efforts to solve difficult and/or time-consuming problems.

  • Positive group affiliation
  • Bottom-up – Commitments
  • Fun to “compete” with other teams
  • Helps to free up time and focus on the most important activities & progress
  • Are we winning or losing this week versus the strategic plan?

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