Steering, measuring and visualizing accelerated strategy execution – faster!

ReExecute creates acceleration with a focus on real progress (not just processes) linking current activities performed on a daily basis with future financial results in a predictive and provable way.

Effective implementation creates acceleration towards your most important goals faster than any other product on the market. We guarantee at least 30% acceleration to all of our customers.


There have been a number of different systems and software for goal steering on the market for many years now. Indeed, traditional systems such as Excel, Balanced Scorecard and Advanced Business Intelligence are used by most companies today. These systems contribute to enhanced results and are often good at visualizing outcomes, i.e. results.

Many existing applications capture the status quo and outcome, i.e. once results have been realized, but fail to identify the acceleration needed to accelerate towards the result. These applications are fine if “more of the same” is enough to develop the company, but they are not suitable for companies that need to change quickly.

In the last few years, more agile applications have appeared, which have become popular within IT companies and project organisations in particular. They often create an increased level of engagement and ownership by breaking down goals into activities for individuals, often complemented by a method for frequent follow-up meetings. However, this type of software lacks provable progress and does not provide a link to financial success.

As an extension to traditional and agile applications, a whole new type of software has been created within business agility to enable steerable and measurable acceleration with a provable financial link. This type of software is unique as it allows an entire organisation to accelerate towards the most important strategic initiatives. There are now various kinds of acceleration technology on the market – some that focuses exclusively on sales organisations and some that are suitable for whole companies.


ReExecute is one of the first genuine acceleration products for large organisations on the market.

There is an advanced progress engine at the core of ReExecute that ensures that companies and teams can focus on the right tasks, and also provides alerts when focus is lost. ReExecute is actually pretty simple for users too. It only takes just a few minutes to learn to use the product and it is built to specifically focus on what is most important.

ReExecute offers digitalized goal steering in a modern way based on a provable methods (business agile).

All of the functions within ReExecute are validated by real customers to ensure they generate real value, instead of fancy functions that make the product more difficult to use.

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